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You best jump far

I'm setting booty traps.

I'm so freaking full. Went to Firefly's. The portions are huge. I got a combo plate. 4 pieces of chicken, 1/2 slab of ribs. I ate the two smallest pieces of chicken and two ribs and I feel like I could burst. Or throw up.

My right arm is sore. My elbow and wrist feel like they sprained or something. I think I've got carpal tunnel or something. Owwie.

Anyhoo, I'm off to watch the Goonies. Wee Sean is so freaking adorable.


Goonies! ♥
I love that movie. I had a Goonies t-shirt in high school, but I had to stop wearing it because people started calling me "Goonies" rather than learning my actual name.
So yeah... pointless story of the night, right here. ^

Wee Sean!