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You best jump far

So I've been watching I love the 80's 3D all week. I've come t realize Alan Thicke is creepy. The way he talks about the "hot moms". *shudder* Also they really need to get a better rotation of commercials. That damn "name that tune" commercials is on every freaking commercial break. Everytime it comes on, I yell at the TV "It's the final countdown, you stupid fuck" ;P

In other news... Tomorrow is my first day back at the museum. Wee!!

I got a 93 icons and I feel like I have nothing to choose from that no one hasn't seen before.


That's why TiVo is so wonderful. I can fast forward through all of the horrible commercials. And since I've been watching the I Love the 80s series too, I know there are a lot of them.
I would love TiVo. I cant quite afford it yet though. I'm working on it.
Have fun tomorrow at the museum! Will enjoy hearing about it.
Haha, my friend and I watched four episodes of that while baking pumpkin pie. the ad that really got to us was the one for "But Can They Sing?" that came on during EVERY commercial break.
Alan Thicke is very perverted and creepy. I'm with ya on the Name That Tune commercial. I yell at the tv, then have some weird 80's flashbacks.