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lay your money down.

So I have this customer. He's a nice guy, indian, and he does peoples star charts. Well we had talked to each other a few times and today he calls me and says he's done my star chart.

This guy was so dead on it's scary. Some things he said left me speechless. The stuff regarding my present and my past were so close to what has happened, it's almost like I'm being watched. The stuff about my future seems plausible. He guessed at my time of birth since I did not know. He said I was born during a full moon and that makes me a sensitive person.

Anyway he freaked me out a bit with how much he knew. It's really got my mind spinning faster then ever.


does the future look ok for you?
From what I'm told, it looks very bright.
that is good :) Hopefully it will work out that way then
Future looks very bright. Oh....that's wonderful!!! You've had too much pain, already, in my estimation. Of course, I will be wanting to hear much about what your star chart shows.
That's good, you deserve that.
Hey, as long as your future looks great, that's all that matters! :)