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Yin Yang animated

When did I become tech savy? I remember a time which wasn't all that long ago when I'd ask a million questions. Several times today at work, co-workers asked me techy type questions. And my mom, she calls me tonight because her computer can't connect to the internet. I couldnt diagnois the problem, but she's confident that I tried everything I could over the phone.

I am far from being a computer genuis, but my goodness how much I've progressed.


:) *grin* now you are starting to be a walking helpdesk
Well, seeing that you know much about technology, can you explain to me why on earth I'm not able to save stuff when I right-click and go to 'save as' - I mean, it's not highlighted when I go to 'save as' - it won't work! *cries*
Have you deleted you cashe lately? That usually solves the right click save as problems.
No I haven't - shall check it out! Thanks!
Did that - doesn't seem to work - dammit, technology sucks more - now Quicktime doesn't want to work!