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You best jump far

I blame Froda- she told me to take this test. So I did...Who knew?

frodaish 102%
sazzafrazz 102%
mindmangler 95%
grotesque_wench 83%
patsie999 82%
0xsamarax0 79%
grotesque_wench 77%
undone27 72%
How compatible with me are YOU?


Woah that's a high score!
I told you- Friend . Perfect description...

*Kicks work computer*

I can't take the other one (too many dirty words.)
How can you be more than 100% compatible with someone??
I guess it means that you're just very much in tune with the other person. I don't know for sure-
hehehe...taht is now the third time i have been on someones list like that twice lol
Oh yeah- *just noticing you're on twice* - that is odd. I guess you're just that much more compatible. =P
Bugger, apparently we dont get along at all
I know- I thought was rather funky. I expected at least you or even Stel... But I still have yet to take the sexual compatibility test- so we'll see how that works.