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The other 48 days

Damn, I almost feel cheated after the series premiere last year. But seeing the actual tail section crash into the ocean kinda made open for that very tame opening.

Is Bernard wearing a fat suit?

Ok what did Mr Eko do?

Eko killed two of the others?

Who brought a live chicken to the island?

Is Nathan like the Sawyer of the Tailies?

Why the hell are the others stealing people. That was creepy, they way they were just standing there in the sand.

I don't care what anyone says, but I really like the character of Ana Lucia. She's a spitfire. A leader.

Whoa, Goodwin just broke Nathan's neck. WTF?!?!

Ok I understand now.

You waited 40 days to cry... Awww. I like Mr Eko.

I like how they showed what happened to lead to Shannon's death. The montage was put together nicely. I can see why the tailies are leary. So much more makes sense.

I can't wait for the reunion.


I don't care what anyone says. This was a damn good episode. Very well done with the editing scenes at the end there, AND how they put all that in over 43 minutes of showtime.
Damn good. 48 days in 43 minutes... God I love Lost.
Who brought a live chicken to the island?

LOL! I was wondering how there was one chicken and the other survivors didn't have chicken either. o.O