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What Kate did...

That drunk guy was my ex. I used to put him to bed the same way. There were a few times when I pull off his boots in such a way that I'd smack him in the face (purposily). There were many times I wanted to kill the bastard, but I never did.

Now we know why her mother feared her.

Shannon's funeral was psuedo sad. There was a sense of sadness, but I don't think that there was enough emotion. Sayid conveyed emotion, but I think ending with "I loved her" took me right out of it.

Jin is free at last! I was wondering if he would have to send the rest of his life on the island with that damn cuff.

I like the character of Mr Eko. I would like to know his deal. He has an almost eerie type of character. Rather like Locke in the beginning. You aren't able to make heads or tails.

Nameste <-- that is what Dr. Marvin Candle said at the end of the film. I hadn't seen anywhere if anyone knows what that means?

The missing film!!! I love how Eko speaks. Soft, slow, articulate. You can't help but listen to what he has to say. The look on Locke's face when he realized what was inside the bible was priceless. I hope we get to see the rest of the film before the end of the episode...

No Hurley we didn't see that coming either. But who cares, Rose and Bernard are back together.

I really don't understand all the Kate hate. Yeah she can be a bit annoying. But so can't Charlie, Jack, Sawyer, etc...

Aww, Sawyer thought they were saved. Oooh Black Stallion is on the island.

Walt on the computer?

Next week!!! OMG!! I can't wait. It's it next wednesday yet?
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