Lala (lalablue) wrote,

There are three short clips from King Kong on Comcast home page. I wish I had a capture card. I assume though these* will work for these without Comcast.

* opens to new window.

One clip was the start of Kong vs. the t-rexes. Kong is holding Ann and trying to keep her away from the mouthes of the rexes. Pounching them and tossing them around. Kong got bit. It was short but very intense.

The second clip took place on the Venture. Carl is filming Ann at the bow of the ship during sunset and Jack appears drawing Ann's attention. Thus irking Carl and shooing Jack away.

The last clip was of Kong and Ann at the top of Empire State Building. The bi-planes start buzzing around. The grunting sounds that Kong makes are great. Starting from "bzuh" to "fuck off, I'm having a moment here".
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