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Ha ha! Our work computer database thingie went down- But I still have my internet.
*sticks tongue out at the rest of the call center*

My hands smell like bleach. (I dunno why)

Did you know the width of armspan is equavilant to your height. If thats true, I'm shorter then I think I am.

Did you also know that skunks can spray only 6-10 feet, but the smell can be detected up to 3 miles away???

Did you also know that octopuses get sexual organs? However scientists discovered that they are soo tiny because acoording to studies, if they were an bigger, a predator might mistake the appendage as another food source.
Now let's think about this one, shall we? A predator is eating an octopus, but stops mid meal because they've discovered that the winky makes for better food and it's not like the octopus is gonna need anytime soon anyway. Who the heck studies this stuff?

Australian brothels are recruting extra S&M specialists to work during the Rugby World Cup to cater the needs of English fans. The brothels were surprised by the enormous demand for punishment the time English fans were in town. Said a spokesperson for the adult entertainment industry, "now we know... the English like spanking."

Did anyone else picture Dominic getting spanked? I sure did.

Almost time to go home. Almost...
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