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Lose Yourself

I hope this works....Holiday Party

I can't figure out the damn scrapbook. I created a gallery and I can't figure out how to make it show up.

* I think I got it figured out now.


Yay it worked! I love them! :D
Fun pics! :)
seems like fun
Merry Christmas, love! BTW, where've you been lately? Not only do I miss you, but shold I be worrying about your unmentioned absence like this?
everything okay? this last entry is almost a motnh ago...
Did you ever send your secret santa gift? If so, your giftee never received it. Please send something ASAP, you signed up for this, and it's not fair to your giftee.
I'm working on it. I never intended to have things work out the way the have. I am hoping to have the gift out this weekend.
You ok? *hugs*