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You best jump far

Killing the time before tonight's Lost finale by watching David Blaine on TLC. I am also searching youtube to see if I can find a specific David Blaine sequence where he pulls out his heart from his chest. No one I've told about it, believes that I saw this. But I did. I just can't remember where. Creepy cool.


found it



Isn't that like from Indiana Jones? :S
I found the clip--- watch it- found it
Oh. Dear. God. *jaw drops*

He's fucking insane!
Cool huh?

I need a David Blaine icon.
That was just weird and insane. Such an insane man he is! >.>

Cute insane man, that is.
omg scary. was he, like, revived on set? poor carson daly.
I dunno what happened after he collapsed, I can't find anything after that. Obviously he lived. I seriously want to know how the hell he did that.

I know Carson is all like OMGWTF!?
That guy srsly has magical powers.
I would love to get inside that man's head to get just a little glimpse of how he does the things he does...