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Look at the rain  ani

Confessions of a drama queen

Ok. Today was certainly a better day.

It started with me waking up early to get ready for my mother to pick me up at 8:30. At 9:15 my mother still hadn't shown up. I was sitting outside on the steps when I saw a fire truck pull up. The guy in the passenger seat waved at me. My mother pulled up behind the fire truck. I burst into laughter. She got an escort to my house, because she got lost. *giggles madly*

I took over driving and we headed out. I explained that renting a car was going to be way too expensive in the long run. I suggested going to try an find a cheap used car. Only problem, my credit is shot to hell, so I would need it to go into my mom's name. She accepted.

Anyway we went to a dealership that sells used cars. We found one I liked. Took a test drive. after doing the paper work. we went out to lunch to wait for news. We went for a drive and then we went back to mum's to wait for the news because Ma had to add Dad as a co signer.

Fell asleep for few minutes. Just as we were leaving to go pick up my dad at work, I got the call. We got the car. It's a 2003 Dodge Intriped. Very nice. I won't actually get it till Tuesday. The payments are a lot lower and I'll pay my parents directly so I know that the payment is actually getting made.

I called work and spoke to Meghan. She's going to pick me up and bring me home till I get the car. I feel guilty for being dependent on others, but with necessity comes humility.


I'm glad things looked a bit brighter today!
Hey, glad to hear that things are starting to look up a bit :)
is it too early to sing "everything's coming up roses"?