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You best jump far

I see music

I got my new car Monday. It's very nice. Very clean. One small issue. One of my speakers is broken. Makes it head feel weird, like I'm deaf in one ear. I think I can fix that rather easily... I hope.

Also got Season two of House...Yay! I really enjoy this fandom. Unlike Lost (which I still love, don't get me wrong) There's no conspiracies to decode. Just a complex character with a sexy deep voice, just the right amount of stubble and blue eyes like whoa! Sounds a little bit like another Brit we all know and love. =D

Let's see what else... My body is falling apart. My knee hurts all the time. I truly believe I have carpal tunnel. And work stresses me out so much, my eye twitches. Seriously twitches. Not pretty. Speaking of work. I had my review last Monday. Kinda pissed me off, because I got shit for a raise. I'm trying to take it in stride. I keep being told that my performance and the skills I've learned in this position will help me advance. Except for the fact that almost every other position within the company requires a Bachelors degree, I'm sure to get real far.. <-- that was sarcasm btw.

Not much else going on at the moment. Sorry if I haven't responded much to any of you my flist. I still feel somewhat outside the circle. But I do keep up with what you all are doing.

Oh yeah, what happened to ash0pelican?


Glad you're enjoying your new car. Hope you can fix the speaker.

Also happy you got the second season of 'House'. Will enjoy watching it with you.

Do you like my 'House' icon? You can steal it if you want it. Just credit whomever it was I got it from. Oh...krycons.

Wish you didn't have trouble with your knee, and all your other problems.

See you Saturday!
I can't wait for the House season premiere, gah!

And glad to hear about the car - I mean, at least it works, lol

And hope you don't stress out much! :/
I'm right here!! Changed el-jays.
I had no idea what happened to you!
el-friended you again.