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I believe I can fly

Please tell me someone on my friends list watched Heroes? Because that was awesome.


*whimpers* I missed it but will be downloading it as soon as I can find a torrent.

I guess it's also repeating tomorrow at 8pm. Definately worth the watch.
WE DID!!! Quite awesome!

BTW, what did the doctor say?

Brian sent you an e-mail yesterday.

And, Aunt Lil is having another catheterization tomorrow A.M.

And, I won't need to pet-sit at Brian's in a couple weeks because they have a houseguest...Fran, Robin's girlfriend who moved in because Fran's marriage is on the rocks per Brian.

Oh,...and my doctor is very pleased with me. My cholesterol/triglyceride/lipids whatever went down from 500 last time to 90 something this time. Plus my BP has been really good this past month. I was really excited about that, until I got Lil's call.

All this news, in one day. I am exhausted!
Heroes was indeed quite awesome!

I have a virus. I got robitussin with codiene. To help me sleep better. It hasn't kicked in yet.
Okay, good....you're going to live and feel better, and sleep!

Don't forget to check your e-mail and see Bobby's picture, if you haven't already.

(((Get Well Hugs)))
I was working so I missed it, but I'm gonna download it!
I also enjoyed it. I'm just sad I didn't record the first episode because Bill would have loved it, too.

Are you feeling better? Cough gone?
Oh yay. I thought I was the only one.

Cough is mostly gone. It gets worse at night. Thank you for asking. =D