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Juilet base by nothing_to_say

Goodness, today is is completely boring!!!

The great chair caper went off without a hitch. Michael got his chair back on Monday. He asked who was the responsible party and the look of sheer shock and horror on his face when I stepped forward was priceless.

Nothing else really of interest to report on. I am currently without internet at home, so I try an get my fill here at work. I spend my day flipping back between MSN, LJ and Wiki. I've been researching for some writing I'm doing. Something different. We'll see.

Did I hear correctly that Sean Bean is going to be on Heroes? Has this been confirmed?


WHAT? Sean Bean on Heroes? Where'd you hear this?! :O
Seany on Hereos would be lovelllly!
I hear Sean Bean was going to play Sylar, but I also heard he was going to be in the last episode and i didn't see him....so I'm not sure if it is true or not.
Please be true, please be true, please be true!