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You best jump far

as soon as the rain stops, I'm going to catch the bus

The thing I miss most about internet at home is youtube access. I can't access it from work. I'd been looking for Beck's performance of "clap hands" from SNL last week and the only place to find it is youtube. Piss me off.

Also I have a black eye. A really big black eye. I cracked my cheek on the corner of my soap dish in the shower and the bruise just extended to my eye. If I get anymore "wtf?" looks, I might snap.

Prison Break was really good last night. No real spoilers except to say how much I love Michael and Sara(h?).

Did anyone catch Hugh on Leno? Was it me or did he look extremely uncomfortable throughout that interview?

That's all I got.


For a second there I thought Beck had covered a Tom Waits song o.O

Man, this PB episode was tense. I have so much love for Kellerman although I probably shouldn't. Sigh.
Kellerman so obviously has a thing for Sara. So hopefully he won't kill her. But he also wants to prove his mettle to "the company" he could really do some damage.
I think that's how he just normally comes across when he's gotta be himself on camera. During the commercial breaks he was talking to Jay and laughing up a storm every other second.
Sorry to hear about the black eye, oi!

Damn, missed Hugh last night :/