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early morning when i wake, I look like Kiss but without the make up

Did I mention my friend, Sharlene, bought a house? Did I mention it is a money pit? I went over yesterday, she worked me. I painted, pulled carpet and left over carpet staples. I carried boxes up stairs and down. I am a hurting unit today. My bum leg feels like putty. My hands are torn up from the damn carpet staples.

I had to go a buy an antennae last night. Even though my cable had been turned off, I still had a basic signal coming through the wire. But no longer. I can only hope my pension check from Kodak comes through shortly. I would really like to be back to the positive side of things.

Saturday, I saw Stranger then Fiction with my mom. It was a pretty descent movie. I am not a Will Farrell fan in the least, but I love Emma Thompson and Maggie G. (I might adore her, but it doesn’t mean I know how to spell her last name.)

I want to buy a guitar. I had one when I was a teen. I hawked it for money when I was about 19. I would love to start playing again.

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