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Izzie / sunny_roads

I hate being a customer relations rep the day after Thanksgiving. One, because I actually have to work. Two, because people are insane. I mean certifiable in some cases.

This day will not be ending soon enough for me.

In other news, I sat down and watched Grey's Anatomy last night. haven't watched in the past few weeks. Been watching Supernatural. I miss George.

Did I tell you about my recent experience with my bank? Nope.. Remember a few months back (about September) when Sovereign Bank had a security "compromise"? Well apparently my account was one of the accounts affected. However the bank sent the notification and the new debit card to my old address. So last week my debit card was cancelled. I've been eeking out what I can on what little cash I had withdrawn from my account. But I'm getting really annoyed because I haven't received my new card yet.