Lala (lalablue) wrote,

Grape Dasani is love

So I had this customer back earlier this year. Did something very simple for him and he wrote me a letter of commendation. He is this little old man who is mostly just looking for someone to talk to. Well a few weeks ago he called again and got me. He was so very excited. I helped him and he was happy. Today I get a call from the mail room telling me to pick up a package. 

He sent me this cute little manger box. Along with two bracelets a set of rosary beads and a little angel pin. I gave one of the bracelets away to Erin because it doesn't fit. But that's okay. He's been calling Erin too. 

If you have ever worked customer service, you have mostly likely had the little old man crushing on you. It's funny and odd all at the same time. 



I stil hate my job. I'm stressed to the max. I cannot wait for the long weekend. I still got a smidge more shopping to do.


Yeah I really need a life.


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