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You best jump far

good morning. or is it afternoon?

So I'm chatting with the ladies last night and suddenly my stomach starts doing cartwheels and backflips. I hate being woman. well at least once a month I do.

I changed my layout yesterday. I do rather like this one. It's the eyes, the subtle bite of the lip, the ears and of course the hat.

Anyhoo. going out with mom today. Be back later. try to stay out of trouble will ya?


Wow. You're stomach is talented. XD
Oi! Sorry to hear that, La! Hope you're doing better - and yeah, it sucks being a woman, once a month!!!
Sorry to hear your not well. I know exactly what you mean. Though my problem is quite the opposite at the moment: I'm waiting, and waiting....
Nicccce new layout. Mades it hard to consentrade on the typeing, tho.(<--- see?)
It's great to go out with one's mom, isn't it? Lots of girls in my age think its absolutely uncool, but we always have a good time.
And yes mum, I'll stay out of trouble. I'll wait until you to come back... ;-)