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Yin Yang animated

What comes is better then what came before.

Happy new Year!

I am 7 Wild grape Smirnoff's into the evening. I got chinese food earlier. I did my laundry earlier too. Goodness I really need a man. Or a life. Who does laundry on New Years eve day? Me. That's who. How pathetic is that?

Ok I finished off the smirnoff, time to work on the desarrano. Or what ever the hell it's called.


I did laundry too, no worries. LOL
Oh goody. I'm not alone!! Do you go to the laundymat too?
Luckily no, I at least get to lounge around at home.
Happy New Year to you too! May 2007 bring you many good things!
(((Big Hugs)))
I sat around and played "Need For Speed" on my gamecube till about 4 something if that makes you feel any better. I then went out to get some too much Alcohol around 5 and dear god there were people doing what looked like a month's worth of regular grocery shopping on New Years Eve. Who does THAT? I mean ok it COULD have been for a party, but when I see regular housewives there with their kids and getting traditional stuff I have to wonder.
Happy New Year! :D! ♥ ♥