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You best jump far

It's too late now, I've let her go

I had almost two hours off the phones today. Because I took the most calls last year and was the top call taker for 6 months straight, my supervisors took me to lunch. We went to Naked Fish. It was really good. It was also a pleasure to be off the phone. Today was horrid.

It's snowing. Sorta. kinda like a sprinkling of confectioners sugar on the ground, but colder.

Heroes is back on tonight. I'll tape it and watch 24. It's times like this I really need a DVR. And Prison Break. I was beginning to go through withrawls.


Oh WOW! Congrats on being the top call taker!
How nice of your supervisors to take you out to lunch!

Way to go!
(((Big Hugs)))