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Dude she's Callie O'Malloy

If you accidentally dial a wrong number, do you sit and chat with the stranger on the other end? This kid, couldn't have been more then a 13 or 14 called and despite me telling her that it was the wrong number, she insisted on keeping the conversation going. She told me all about the person she was trying to reach and that they were talking about this other kid who according to her was a complete hottie. ~.^

That was truly strange.

The museum was good. The training this time around is different. Very involved. If I had unlimited funds, I honestly think I could go back to school to get a degree in this. Paleoanthropologist. That would be cool huh? I've fallen in love with the definition of the word evolution - Descent with modification. Simple, clean and concise.

This week has completely sucked at work. Some people are just so full of themselves it really is annoying. It worse when it's one of your colleagues.

Thank you to all who sent me hugs in my last post. It was appreciated. I hate complaining, but lately that's all I've been capable of.

Lost is coming back in 5 days. 5 DAYS!! I was a very happy fangirl this past week. Heros, House, Prison Break, 24, Supernatural, Grey's Anatomy and (Jake 2.0) All brand new and shiny. Next week will be complete with Lost. Do I watch too much tv?

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