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Opposites sides of the fence / magique_i

Where do we go from here?

So I got a call from my mother a little bit ago. She called my ex's best friend to get an update about Ken (my ex). She spoke to Julie who is the wife of said friend. Well she found out that Ken had a heart attack last week. This info has me conflicted.

I spent 10 years with Ken. I both lost and gained a lot by being with him. We did not end well. His fault. Really. But 10 years is a long time and I can't help but feel concerned. At the same time, it might have been best to have him put out of his misery.



I don't blame you for being conflicted; ten years is a long time. I've never been with someone ten years, but if my ex (3 yrs) had a heart attack, it would deffinately effect me. I'm not sure how, entirely, but I know it would.

I'm sorry it ended badly, but I think it reflects positively on you that after all this time and all the water under the bridge, you still seem to care for him (in a non-romantic way). I think it shows a character of strenth. However, in saying that, the subtle wishes that the heart-attack puts him out of his misery are perfectly okay, too.

I'm sorry you're dealing with this right now.
Thank you for your comments. (sorry for the late response) I think it's in my nature to feel concerned, but thanks to perils of our relationship, I just can't seem to really care about it either...

Life goes on. I think I can fully appreciate that now.
Life is so strange. Are you going to try to find out any more info. I'm always curious about those from my past and ten years is such a long time.
I thought about calling myself, but thought better of it. It's not my life anymore. I know that I should probably have more sympathy, but I can't muster it. I'm curious, I'll grant you that. But I just can't bring myself to open that chapter of my life again.