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You best jump far

Go here now. Don't look at Orlando though. He's not the reason you want to go. *bows once again to patsie999*

I moved furniture yesterday. Now my back is killing me. But my room looks better. more room. I can actually stretch out in front of my tv now.

elanthis I did not forget you. I will work on the icon soon. I promise.

I got to shower and get moving. I need to roll back my clocks. I need to remember to do this before tomorrow - or I'll be early to work. I'm would kick myself if that happened.

see ya later.


Your so right about Orli, hihi, but our Dom looks great.
Poor back! Take good care of it, you're still going need it for a while! But streching out in front of your TV is a good thing, good for the back, too. ;-)
Don't worry about the icon, I'm so happy you're making one for me, I will wait for it as long as it takes. I feel quite bad taking up a your time anyway, so no need to hurry!