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All the umbrellas in London couldn't stop this rain.

My desktop appears to have died a painful but colorful death. I came home to find the desktop randomly trying power up/off very quickly and it just did not sound good. I tried to save it. But alas, it is a goner. So I broke out my laptop. I am not gonna try to repair the desktop. It's a four year old eMachines from Walmart. Hardly worth it. I backed up all my data last night on my external drive. I had a feeling something was wrong. I've saved a bit of money from my taxes and what I have left from my pension, I can't get the computer I was hoping for, but I can at least afford another eMachine from Wally World. I like my notebook computer, I do. But it has an overheating problem. So I can't stay on as long as I might like.

Let's see what else is new in Lala land. I'm sick. Bronchitis and a sinus infection. I haven't had a good nights sleep in a week now. I took Monday and Tuesday off. It was nice, wish I could have slept. I can't smell or taste anything. My ears are blocked. I'm cold all the time. Fun Fun.

not much else going on. I lead a rather boring life.
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