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Bye bye blackbird

Today's been a movie day. I watched O! Brother Where Art Thou this morning. The finally sat through all of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. I had never watch that in it's entirety before. That was good. I just finished up Peter Jackson's King Kong. As much as I love LotR, I have to say King Kong is my favourite Peter Jackson film. I was hoping I could get through Titanic, but I have to work at the museum tomorrow, so I do need to actually get to sleep tonight at a fairly decent hour.

I really need to do something for my neighbours downstairs. They treat me so well when it snows. They cleaned off my car, shoveled out my parking spot, and cleared my steps. I feel guilty about them doing the work, but the old man always tells me to get back inside where it's warm.

So that's been my day. Stayed inside and watched movies. Well tomorrow should be more active day. I took the last two weeks off from the museum because I've been sick, sadly I'm still not at 100%.

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