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You best jump far

So Sharlene is going to be moving in with Sean. She's offering up her apartment. A very nice apartment. Much closer to work. But it's $300 more then I pay now. Ouch. I can afford it. I can. I have the whole finance planned out in my head.
Sharlene sweeted the pot today. Because she asking someone to take over her lease, she'll pay $100 of the rent for each month left on her lease (till July). I am so tempted. I am ready to move on. And yes Mom I understand it will leave you in a tough spot. But it's getting time.

This is all the news I have for today. Today was kinda boring.


That sounds just dandy to me, la. Shoot. I know I would move out in a jiffy if I had a car. I just need a car, damnit!

How are you today, la? Or tomorrow? hehe
An apartment all of your own! Sounds good! Try to make your mum understand that moving out doesn't mean leave forever, never talk again, never see each other again. It'll be a new chapter in both of your lives! It can be very scary, but it might turn out to be really good...