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You best jump far


So my brother has been after to check my myspace page because he's left me a couple of messages (which btw I do not see). I go on tonight and found a message from my first "boyfriend" from when I was 13. Talk about a blast from the past. He wrote that he has a bracelet he was supposed to give to me 17 years ago. He wanted to know if I still wanted it... (huh?) He also remembered my birthday. I'm totally speechless.



Ha ha - that's actually kinda sweet :)
Wow, that's equal parts sweet and creepy.
I didn't know you had a "boyfriend" when you were 13! That's scary (to me, anyway). What's he doing now? .... Gosh!
You remember. Tim Durkin. From Fuller. Remember Dad was gonna bring me to visit and we got lost trying to get to Quincy.
When you said age 13, I thought that it might be Fuller. But, you know how my memory is, so you won't be surprised if I tell you I don't remember him. That was a long long time ago.