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You best jump far

this amuses me for some reason.

My mom is more understanding of the idea of me moving. So much so- we talked tonight about which furniture I'd be taking. I'm getting really excited. It's not set in stone. But close enough.

OMG- 24. I love Keifer Sutherland. Always have. I have watched 24 since the beginning. I will continue to watch as long as it keeps going. I'm hooked.

This was a good day.


So glad your day was good, la.

Mine was shitty. Well, only cuz I did something to my back. I can't concentrate very good or anything. ARGH!

So how are things? Are you super excited to be moving out? When will you go?
moving out is great,specially if you live alone...i mean,sharing a flat,or a room,is sometimes...well,not very easy :P

Good luck with your moving!
Ah, glad to hear your day was great! XD

As for your idea of moving - Huzzah! *chicken dances* Let's hope it happens!!

As for 24 - I love that show! I missed most of the first season, but OMG! Fantastic show!