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You best jump far


So my hand has been hurting since last night. I got a little freaked because my hand feels like it's asleep, despite constant shaking and rubbing. I called the doctor. My fear was that I nicked a nerve. After some touching and feeling she believes I did exactly that. I have decreased sensation recognition on my ring and pinkie fingers. She scheduled me to see a hand surgeon. She said that doesn't mean I would be having surgery or anything, but because I most likely have nerve damage, she wanted a specialist to look at it.

This week just keeps getting better.


Egads! I'll be thinking about you.
Thank you. I think I'm just getting ahead of myself. I'm sure it nothing.
Aw man! Hope it's just that and nothing serious - damn :/ Hope your hand is back to normal!
I'm sure it will be fine. It's just a weird feeling now.
Just thought I'd post a similar situation to you of someone who stabbed his palm with a steak knife also that I found on google:

Re: Hand nerve damage temporary?
Hi: I think I cut the nerve in my palm in the same place you are talking about. I had a candleholder in my left hand/palm and was digging out wax with a steak knife. The candle holder broke and I actually stabbed myself in my own hand. Luckily, I did not charge myself with assault. The stab wound stopped bleeding and I had an annoying sensation of big chunks of my fingertips missing. It was driving me nuts. My doctor explained that if a nerve is not severed, it heals just like the rest of the body. He said the healing process starts when the nerve makes a new outer sheath that is gritty. (I could actually feel the gritty part). I was imaptient but I waited and the whole process took about six months, but the gritty sensation went away and I got the feeling back in my fingertips!!! I was left with only a scar.
I hope that helps!

Let me know what went on at the hand doctor's office. Of course, I am concerned.
Was told should be fine. Minimal damage done. Hand should be recovered in 4-6 weeks according to my doc.