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So I might as well give a break down of the concert from Saturday. Yeah, a little late. But, you know, life.

So the opening act was a group called the Gossip. I never heard of them before. Why hadn't I heard them before. The lead singer has an amazing voice. Originally when she came out on the stage I had to laugh because she is a big girl and she was wearing the tightest dress. But the minute she began to sing I was hooked.

Next was the Dresden Dolls. Awesome performance. I expected that.

However next was Rufus Wainright. As much as I love Rufus, he was the low point of the show. Especially after such a high energy performance from the Dresden Dolls.

Next came Deborah Harry. She didn't sing a single old song. Everything was a new song that no one knew. I took this opportunity to go to the ladies room.

The next act was Erasure. I had heard of them. But I didn't expect such an awesome performance. The lead singer was like 50-ish and had a really powerful singing voice. However his speaking voice sounded like a 12year old girl with laryngitis. Seriously.

Then came the amiable Cyndi Lauper. "She's so Unusual" was the first album I ever bought for myself. I grew up on Cyndi. I was not disappointed. Did I mention I had 9th row left from the stage? The pictures I took, do no justice to how beautiful she looked. Blueish purple hair and a black dominatrix-type black dress. She sang "when you were mine" with Amanda from Dresden Dolls. And she sang "Time after Time" with Beth, lead singer of the Gossip. Everyone, except Debbie Harry, came out for the finale, "True Colors". They all came out with a huge 3 foot + balloon each and chucked them into the audience. The green balloon made it's way over my head, however a half dozen arms shot up around me, knocking me around trying to take a swat at it. But it was all good. I was focused on the music anyway.

Margaret Cho MC'd the whole thing. She was a laugh riot. Really. She hasn't aged a day.

Anyhoo. That was my saturday. Except for the driving and getting lost and crap...

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