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You best jump far


This is a good thing.

I am unemployed.

It was a "mutual decision" of sorts. I made it recently known how unhappy I was. this information soon made it to the director of our department. Rather then having me continually unhappy and stressed till I find a new job; they decided to release me. With two weeks severance + 38 hours of vacation time. Also they will not contest unemployment. They also offered to help me update my resume. Any job references will reflects that I left on good terms.

This is a good thing. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I don't feel sad about losing my job. I feel sad that I won't be working with my coworkers anymore. But that's it. I feel... free.

This is me... smiling. =D


Glad to hear it was amicable and awfully nice of them - bummer about being unemployed, but yes, at least you are free. I hope you find a more suitable job for you soon :D
hopefully you'll stay in touch with your co-workers!

good luck finding a new job, mama la!
I know exactly how you feel, it's how I felt two years ago. Good luck finding something new, something you'll enjoy more!
hey, at least you left on the best terms possible under the circumstances. on to bigger and better things, right?