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You best jump far


Today sucked. I got up early to go on my first interview. I sat an hour in traffic and when I get there, I'm told, "oh didn't they call you? the position has been filled". Fuckers. That served to piss me off big time.

Then as I am walking to my car, my knee gave out. Usually I can catch myself, not today. Today I fell to the ground. Which probably wouldn't have been too bad, except it was hard concrete and I was wearing a skirt. My good knee was demolished. Skinned within an itch of it's poor pitiful life. This just made me upset.

I called mom and cried my eyes out. On my way to see mom, I decided I was going to the ER.

Spent about 6 hours.

Only upside, I have Vicodin.


Thank you. I needed that.
Just wondering how the Vicodin is working for you. Is it relieving the pain?

I'm sure if House knew what happened to you he'd be wishing you well right now!
No, I still feel pain. Is it possible to be immune to pain meds? Because nothing ever seems to work for me.

If House knew, he'd be plotting to steal my Vicodin. It's mine. He can't have any.
I don't know the answer to your question. Your Dad said it will probably take time to kick in.

You are probably right about House. Guess I won't tell him then what happened to you today.

Rest up. Uncle Frank called. The reservations are set for Sunday at 2:00 PM and Chuck's Steak House. I sure hope you can go.
I took them three hours ago. I'm supposed to take them every four to six. If they haven't kicked in by now, I don't hold out too much hope.

I'm going bed. It's been a long day.
ooh i'm sorry dear. on the upside, indeed, you do have some lovely meds...but do you ever get headaches on vicodin? i took it when i got my teeth out last year and i got the most ridiculous headaches of my life. my heart raced too. i imagine it's what being on coke is like.
So far I am unaffected. I don't feel any different. . . still feel pain. After what you described, I'm rather glad I don't have those side effects.