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You best jump far

uluviel posted her favorite 10 shots of DomLijah - I shall do the same.

10) Because they are having so much fun

9) I know it's a manip- but damn they're sexy.

8) Because Elijah has mad Dominic laugh. And a smiling Dominic is a beautiful Dominic.

7) Because of the look on Dominic's face as he dances with Elijah

6) Come on. They're belly bumping.

5) I've been reading too much slash.

4) Dominic looks like he's smelling Elijah's hair. ~.^

3) Dominic tongue. Nuff said.

2) They way Dominic is gripping Elijah's shoulder...

1) It is big isn't it?



Hahahaha! Your #1 cracked me up, La ;-)

you slash whore you

I soo love that belly bumping pic. It has a kind of relaxed tension to it. (I don't know how else to say it.) Domlijah is always good to see.