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You best jump far


Sharing some pictures I've taken in the past month.

Best pic I got at the concert.

This is Kevin at the casino

James and Erin. (Erin is Kevin's fiance. James is married to Jenn, whom I did not get a picture of)

Meghan. Or as I like to call her, leggo my Meggo.

Mom, Uncle Frank, Aunt Lil. Spent Sunday with Mom's side of the family.

The knee I scraped up last week.

Me with unusual lighting.

Me - high on pain meds. =)


That lady looks familiar - what concert did you see??? *blank stare*
Cyndi Lauper. True Colors Tour. (The Dresden Dolls, The Gossip, Erasure, Debbie Harry)
*facepalm* I have a ton of music of hers on my ipod and I can't even recognize her. AWESOME though *envious*