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90 or Friday the 13th oh my

The good:

Contacted Jenn (former co-worker) and arranged to go to lunch. We went to Olive Garden. She paid.

The bad:

Went to Circuit City for new pc speakers, because one of my speakers had died. I had a coupon for 10% off. The cashier rang it up wrong and despite arguing with the manager, they wouldn't give me money back. Had to call their corporate office to complain. Even then it took speaking with supervisor to get my money back.

The good:

My new pc speakers sound awesome.

The bad:

I forgot if I took my pill this afternoon. And since I cannot remember, I can't take it till the next one would be due, because I can't double up.

The good:

I figured out how to download from youtube.

The bad:

I figured out how to download from youtube.

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