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So. Let me tell you about my day. My Saturday that is.

I got up early so I could go to mom's. We went and saw the Simpson's movie. Highly recommend. Though there were times, when, despite a rather full theater, I was the only one laughing.

After, I went home to change because I was going to meet up with some friends from the previous company I used to work for. Not this last one- the one before. I went to Sharlene's first. Had a little bit of time to play and take pictures of the baby. She is getting so big. I love her curls. She is like a little Shirley Temple. She is a year and half and sings her alphabets up to P. *is proud*

Then off to Yong Shing for food, drink and karaoke. I didn't drink, because I'm medicated, but I still had fun. There were ten people who RSVP'd, but only 6 of us showed up. Mike, who my old supervisor, recently underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor the size of a lemon from his head. He didn't drink either. Jim, who was my old lead, is gay. He has been happily married to his partner for 14 years. He said there was no real significant changes since we left Qualex... Andrea got drunk and skipped out on the bill. It wasn't intentional, she was just too oblivious to realize she had to pay for her drinks. Sean, Sharlene's husband, sang several songs. He sang STP "Plush", Eddie and the Cruisers "On the dark side" and a duet with me. Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow "Picture". Apparently we were good. Sharlene couldn't figure out my camera, so it didn't get filmed.

Andrea and Jim

Mike and Sharlene

Sean bought each of girls a rose. This was mine. Isn't he sweet?

Sean singing "on the dark side" He sounded good, but he was a little scratchy in some parts. Usually, he sounds so spot on, it's scary.

Mike lives up in New Hampshire and Sean went and picked him up. So he was going to take the ride up there and bring him back. We left the restaurant around 11pm. I offered to accompany Sean, so he wouldn't have to ride back alone. We had a good ride. Talked alot and laughed. I finally got home around 2:30 this morning. I'm completely exhausted. but it was a good night.

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