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You best jump far

Voice Post

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“Alright, I'm here at the Twigger Center in Mansfield, Massachusetts & the concert is getting ready to begin. I'm a little bit frustrated because I spent an hr in traffic & then I get here & they take my camera away. Why? Because those are the rules, no cameras but I promise I won't take a picture, so they had me leave it at guest services with my name & Tel. & I'd got to remember to stop there on my way out so that I can get it or else I will forget it. Other than that, I got a really good seat. I'm on the end which is really good because I don't have to step over anybody & the stage is almost set up & can't wait for it to begin. Alright, have a good night.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post


Hope you have a good time, dear!
Had a great time. Thanks.