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You best jump far

*kicks work computer*. Damn thing keeps freezing on me. If the site wasn't in my cache before it crashed, I can't get into it. What the f*ck? This means I can only visit LJ and theonering.net. Everything else crashes my computer.. I can't even post on L&BA. I'm having withdrawls.


Poor La! *Helps beating up computer*
*gets curious* What kind of job do you have? Dom's Photo Center. Sounds interesting! ;-)
Damn LJ ate my response. *Kicks computer again* Ouch- I think I broken something.

Anyhoo- I work as a customer service rep for Kodak processing.
You can't log onto L&BA!!!??

Omg. *gives la a cigarratte*

*lights it*

Breath, just breath. Thats the key...