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Today has been kinda a lazy day. I posted to a few positions on Monster and in between I made a few icons. I also made an appointment with my doc to renew my pain meds. So I guess not as lazy as I thought. but I still feel like I haven't accomplished much.

My knee is killing me. Until my insurance gets sorted out, I'm kind of in limbo.

Today was so hot. But alas no thunder storms.


Sorry on the Knee Sis

Just do what you can don't over excert yourself Sis. Things will work there way out. Love ya Brian
Good advice from your big brother. Sorry about your having so much knee pain. Hope your insurance gets sorted out very soon. You've waited long enough.

Sorry I was taking a nap when you called this afternoon, but nice of you to call. I couldn't focus my mind right away on anything to say.