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You best jump far


I suddenly developed a case of the hiccups. Like real major case.


I can't stop.

ETA- send help! Recommend antidotes.


This is what I do...

I take a big gulp of water, but keep it in my mouth. Then I bend over so that the blood rushes to my head. I hold my breath as I slowly swallow the water. BE CAREFUL AND DON'T CHOKE. After all the water is gone, I breath again SLOWLY and SLOWLY stand upright.

I know it sounds SUPER odd, but it works for me every time.
I do something very similar. I bend over and drink the water out of the wrong side of the cup.
spoonful of sugar, let it dissolve in your mouth.
I take a deep breath and hold it as long as I can. Sometimes it takes a few tries, but it works for me.
A spoonful of sugar. As gross as that sounds to eat a big spoonful of sugar right up, it actually works!

But I do hope they are gone by now! lol.