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You best jump far


Would you even consider a job if you had to work both weekend days but had two days off in a row in the week? A recruiter called me about a position I applied for online. The hours listed online were Sun- Thurs 10 to 6:30. Not bad, considering I'd avoid most of the morning traffic. Now it's Wed- Sun with Monday and Tuesday off. The pros are that if I have an appointment, I can can schedule during the week. Errands can be run during that time. But my weekend would be completely shot. The recruiter understood it would be quite a commitment because the schedule would last at least 8-10 months. So she is giving me time to think about it.


I don't have the job, but recruiter was sure that based on my resume I would be a shoe in. It pays well enough and I really need to get back to work...


Did they tell you why they changed the days the job would be? You could always ask if you can keep the Sun-Thurs days, unless they really can't do that for you.

Otherwise, it should like a good job. You can still do things on the weekends at night, expecially if you won't have to be at work until 10 the next morning.
The recruiter told me they filled the available positions for that shift already. She told me that this shift was hardest to fill because most applicants have families and want at least one weekend day to spend with them. I'm single and have no kids, so weekends aren't much of an issue for me.

The pros are outweighing the cons, so I'll most likely go for it.