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You best jump far

Me blabbering on something or another. Right click and save

I love this microphone.


I love your voice! It's great to hear people you only know from what they write! It's a lot more personal.
Why should I make fun of your accent?? There's absolutely nothing to make fun of! I mean, you haven't heard mine!! Now, that would be a different story!
ahhhh! i love your accent! :) *wants an accent like yours*
Miss Lala - love your voice! Wow! And what's more - it's perfect for my script! :D
Wow La. It's so weird (not a bad thing) to hear you talk. Like..I don't know. Hmmm...Well, It was lovely to hear ya. I should do the same thing. I talk the same way you do, la. American. Haehhe.
its so weird to hear you talk... but not in a bad way. you sound exactly as i thought you would!
I have a little bit of a lisp. I though it sounded very pronounced doing that recording. But maybe it was just me.
Woot! Wow, you have a sexay voice. XD