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You best jump far


I love this show.

- Poor Nathan hanging on to hope that Peter is alive. Does he still have his congressional post? (It was a congressional seat he won-right? I can't remember now)
- Mama Petrelli is a real bitch. I've had this opinion since the first season; tonight she showed her true colors.
- HIRO!! I love Masi's energy and his cute little face. I have a feeling that Hiro will turn himself into the Kenzie in order to right the history he changed.
- Ando! I love his devotion; whether it be to Hiro or to Kaito. He is the epitome of sidekickness.
- I love that Matt has custody of Molly. He's her hero. But she's scared she'll lose him to this new evil person. I can only imagine what this new villain is going to be like.
- Claire. Is it me or is she shorter this year? Yeah yeah, I know it's me. After Hiro and HRG, she is my favorite character.
- Speaking of HRG (Yes I know he has a name, but HRG was all we pretty much knew him as for nearly a year) I was so waiting for him to have a freak out on that boss at the Dunder Mifflin of Costa Verde.

I kept myself fairly spoiler free for this season so far. So I am bit confused as to whom the Hundoras people are all about. I think I caught something about wonder twins... I can only assume it meant these two. I kinda called the boy at Claire's school being a "hero". Especially when he asked if Claire was a robot or alien.


I would assume he still was a congressman because he did win, but I don't know how good of a congressman he is being all drunk. Actually, he's probably like many of our current ones...hmmm. lol, sorry, I had to say it.

Actually, what I don't understand is how Nathan is alive and fine after being blown up with Peter but they don't know where Peter, who can regenerate, is or if he is still alive.
Well that confused me too, especially when they showed that bit at the end of him looking into the mirror and the reflection is all burned and scarred. I would assume the blast knocked the brothers apart but... I dunno, I'm confusing myself again.