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I love this show.

- Poor Nathan hanging on to hope that Peter is alive. Does he still have his congressional post? (It was a congressional seat he won-right? I can't remember now)
- Mama Petrelli is a real bitch. I've had this opinion since the first season; tonight she showed her true colors.
- HIRO!! I love Masi's energy and his cute little face. I have a feeling that Hiro will turn himself into the Kenzie in order to right the history he changed.
- Ando! I love his devotion; whether it be to Hiro or to Kaito. He is the epitome of sidekickness.
- I love that Matt has custody of Molly. He's her hero. But she's scared she'll lose him to this new evil person. I can only imagine what this new villain is going to be like.
- Claire. Is it me or is she shorter this year? Yeah yeah, I know it's me. After Hiro and HRG, she is my favorite character.
- Speaking of HRG (Yes I know he has a name, but HRG was all we pretty much knew him as for nearly a year) I was so waiting for him to have a freak out on that boss at the Dunder Mifflin of Costa Verde.

I kept myself fairly spoiler free for this season so far. So I am bit confused as to whom the Hundoras people are all about. I think I caught something about wonder twins... I can only assume it meant these two. I kinda called the boy at Claire's school being a "hero". Especially when he asked if Claire was a robot or alien.

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