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Izzie / sunny_roads


Thursday night primetime shows. Spoilers within the cuts. Mostly just working out my own thoughts.

I know that Ugly Betty is technically classified as a comedy, but damn- I haven't cried so hard for a tv show since... I dunno remember when. I truly believed that Hilda was just squirlling Santo away because she was afraid of him getting hurt again. To find out at the end that she really had lost him was just too much. ... HEEENRRYYY!!! I loved the little nod to the tele- novella at the beginning. Christopher Gorham is just the sexiest nerd there is. Though I still prefer him with the Jake 2.0 haircut. I was glad to see him getting off the bus. I love Betty and Henry together. I hope it sticks. ... I loved that little twist at the end with Alexis. Can you imagine having amnesia after a sex change? That was brilliant.

Ok. First off. I know I am in the minority when I say that I am kinda rooting for George and Izzie. They're best friends. Sometime best friends fall in love. I love George and Callie, but he just doesn't have that much in common with her. As far as Callie, I'll admit that I don't want to see her get hurt, but she and George just don't click for me. .. Izzie and the deer. WTF? But the way she summed her reasoning at the end made it all worth it. ... I am so over MerDer. Meredith is just a bitch with no direction in life. She is so annoying. I really haven't liked her since season one. I watch the show for much everyone but her. ... Christina is still Christina. Cold and focused. That's just the way I like her. I don't miss Burke at all. Then again, it's only the first episode of the season. ... I like Lexie Grey. She's "kinda awesome" (to quote George). She made George feel better about repeating his internship. She is trying to get Meredith like her, but as I said, Mer is a bitch. .. That's all I got for this show right now.

For 11 years I watched every single original episode since the pilot. Last year I got kinda of lost because of Grey's versus Supernatural. I would watch Supernatural and tape Grey's. I would then watch Grey's after Supernatural, thus missing ER. I tried to get into the season last year, I watched a few episodes. But I just couldn't do it. Well since I've been unemployed I have been catching ER in syndication on TNT. I really miss the old days. So I took a chance and watched ER last night. They still rock. Abby is still my favorite character. I really dislike Stanley Tucci's character. At least Weaver was likable. I still have issues with John Stamos portraying a doctor. It's just weird. But I am going to try to watch all season. We'll see.


I like Callie, but I didn't like the role they put her in last night, trying to be authoritative. It just didn't fit.
Izzie and the dear was weird, but you're right, she made it totally Izzie in the end.

I find that I can't watch an entire episode of ER anymore. It is just SO far off from what it was in the beginning, and I have such fond memories of those first seasons.
Exactly, Callie isn't management material.

I feel an obligation to ER. I want to see it through to the end. I just hope I stand it.
Do they have a set end date? Its been on for like 13 or 14 years.
I stopped watching when the put Greene on his death bed, and then Noah Wyle departing was just the extra kick in the ass.
From my understanding this is supposed to be the last season. It's the 13th season. Carter leaving is what really lost me. He was the heart of the show. And the one constant.
Last night was the first time since ER premiered in season one that I've fallen asleep during it.

It's like it's totally worn out as a show to me. Noah Wyle is scheduled for a few guest appearances (or so I've heard) this season, so I'll probably end up watching those and catching it whenever I can remember it's on after Grey's.
Awww... Either school is kicking your ass or it was just not a good episode.
Probably a combination of both. I still haven't enjoyed the show as much as I did in the days before they killed off Dr. Greene (and I used to be a hardcore ER fanatic).
OMG SANTOS! I totally didn't see that coming. I thought he was dead for sure at the end of last season, but when I saw him at the beginning of this episode, I was like, "Hm, okay. Whatever. He's pretty hot." And to find out he's dead? OMG I BAWLED. I can't believe it. They did such a good job of ripping my heart out, I loved it. SO GOOD. I also look forward to seeing what they're going to do with the whole Alex/Alexis thing. Totally crazy. I love Ugly Betty. ♥!

As for Greys, I'm totally with you on Meridith. She doesn't deserve McDreamy. Mum and I think that Derek is going to fall in love with her sister. We'll see. As for George, I'm totally rooting for him and Izzy. >.> I feel semi-guilty, because I LOVE Callie, she's beautiful, brash, and wonderful, but she's not good for George. Mum and I think that she'll end up preggers, thus keeping George with her for honor. Then the baby will probably die and George will end up with Izzy. Who knows. Shonda loves Drama, so the more ridiculous it is, the better.
I know. They truly ripped your heart out. I figured since the actor who played Santos wasn't obligated to the Fox show Drive (because the fox people are idiots) I figured he would have lived.

You're rooting for George and Izzie too. I think you and I are in the minority. But I think you'd be right on target about potential story line with Callie getting pregnant. George is too good of heart to abandon her if she were.

It's like a good soap opera.
Gawd, I hated the fact that Santos was gone after all - sooooooo unfair!!!!!! This season looks promising :D