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I nailed the interview at the furniture store. I, however, am not going to get my hopes up. I had qualifications they were looking for and my work history shows that I stay. I didn't realize that the position is a lead position. Meaning I'd be one step above the sales reps and one step below the managers. I've acted as a supervisor (when the real ones were in meetings and such) but I've never been given that title. It would be nice.

Anyhoo... I wanted to thank everyone for the suggestions with my previous post. Most of you all had the same recommendations. It's been a wonderful help.

I made one of those "no bake" cheesecakes last night. I've had the package in my cupboard for almost a year. It was going to expire in the next two months, so I figured I might as well. Only problem is I don't have a pie plate. I used a square cake pan. Still tastes good though. I'll be having desert with every meal for the next few days. ;-)

Bones and House tonight. :-) I'll probably post about House later tonight.

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