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Spent the day with the parental units. Dropped off my car for repair. (my engine light has been on for about two months- most likely transmission issues). Mom is using her new credit card to help me with the costs. She even is covering a rental (of course this will all be repaid) I got a Nissan Versa. The coupe not the wagon. But I can see why Hiro and Ando liked it so much. Sporty little thing.

I got an interview for Tuesday. Again I am not getting my hopes up, but this position is ideal. The company is less then 2 miles away from my house. The company is rather well known and it would be great to get into it.

Being weaned off my pain meds is making me sick. I had to borrow some money so I could get some Pepto. I am probably going to go to bed early. I was up late talking to myself so I wouldn't get sick. I am exhausted.
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