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You best jump far


I got my car back. Oh how I've missed my baby.As much as I liked the rental, I realized just how much I love my car.

I have had a free movie ticket that was going to expire this week so I took in Nightmare before Christmas in 3D... Twas very cool. There was this one thing at the very beginning with the pumpkin jack in the box and I shit you not that it looked like it was just inches away. Tres cool.

I only still up because a download I have been waiting on all day is just about finished. I have shut my computer down in two days because I keep starting downloads too late in the evening. ETA - of course after all that- it's password protected and I haven't gotten the password yet.

* note to self - scandal


Glad the Movie was cool

Hi. Amy Sorry about the Car hope it's running great now. Hope thing go good on the Job Hunt I'm sure things will turn around just keep positive. pammy has an ichy tummy.! Uuumm Pammy just started Typing she says hello as well . im watching a scary show, pammy turned it on and now i cant look at the t.v because its so scarey. But Pammy Like it. Work is Wicked slow can really tell the housing market has slowed down. Anyway I hope your feeling better and I'll talk to ya soon Love Ya Brian