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On the floor / seldomspeaking


Amusing anecdote for the day.

I came home from doing laundry today to meet Supergirl. Actually she is the 4 granddaughter of my downstairs neighbour. Her mother and grandfather were taking her to a town sponsored trick or treating event. She was dressed as the cutest little Supergirl. for whatever reason she has taken a shine to me. So whenever she sees me; she has to say hello. To top it off she said that she couldn't fly yet but she could bend steel. To prove it, she reached into her trick or treat bag and pulled out a paper clip. I thought I was going to die of laughter right there in the driveway. So freaking cute.


Oh how cute!!! She sounds adorable!

That sounds like something you'd want to be if you were a kid again. You were Wonder Woman, one year.


I remember that when you were dressed in that costume forget what i was think you were 7 or 8 when that happened lol. Don't worry though Sis Payback one year i was the Fonz from Happy Days.
I think it's great that she said she can't fly YET...which means she hasn't given up hope yet!